My name is Marissa and I am a Digital Content Creator and Manager based in Waterloo, Ontario. My passion is to create exciting and relevant content for a variety of users in the digital world.

Digital content can be very broad, so let my portfolio be your guide to understanding who I am and what I do.


Who is Marissa?

Digital Content Coordinator

Sun Life Financial

June 2016 - August 2016

Career Goals

Use my experience and skills to contribute to an employer who can help me grow in my career.


B. Global Business & Digital Arts,

Global Experience Certificate

University of Waterloo

June 2017

Digital Content Creation & Management


June 2017 - Present


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Recent Projects

Guides' Own

Podcast Host

Guides' Own is the unofficial Guiding podcast that I host with my Guiding friend, Taryn.

In my role as co-host, I conduct research and collaborate with Taryn and our producer Jake in the recording of weekly podcast episodes on the topic of Girl Guides, its history and future, and how it affects us.

Additionally, I have been responsible for the website design, writing and editing blog posts, designing the podcast logo, and social media management.

845 St. Clair


As the website designer for this project, I was responsible for creating a digital space in which the tenants and landlord of 845 St. Clair  could communicate and share information seamlessly. I collaborated with the landlord and project manager to present content in a clean space and create a positive experience for the users.

My process began in a meeting with the project manager, where we discussed the scope of the project, as well as the criteria and milestones. From that point I developed wireframes and edited copy for the site. I generated the website with Wix, converting the low-fi designs and content into an active webpage.

Stretch into Winter


Stretch Into Winter is a blog post featured on the Stepping Stone Orthotics blog, which is home to Canadian Certified Pedorthist C. Ped (C), Shannon Bunnett.

This project began with capturing video and photo

content for the blog post, as well as collaborating

with Shannon to plan the post content. I was

responsible for editing the visual and written

content as well, which I built and designed into the

post using Webflow. Additionally, I created a similar

layout in Constant Contact which I then sent to 

Shannon's clients directly.

This post, among many others, are projects that I managed as the blog and content editor for the Stepping Stone blog.

IronMom Health Coaching


As the website designer for the IronMom Health Coaching website, I created a digital platform for small-business owner, Andrea Good. I collaborated with her to develop a website which would give her the ability to advertise the business and services she provides.


scheduled meetings with the client, communicated with her to determine her needs and design expectations, and developed a project timeline. Additionally, I designed wireframes and collected copy and visual content before creating the site in Wix. My process was iterative, which allowed for changes to be made upon consultation with the client.

Marsna Jamborette Crest


In 2019, I took on the role of Responsible Guider for a Nationally-Sponsored Trip with Girl Guides of Canada. Along with 3 other Guiders, I traveled with a group of 24 girls to the Netherlands where we took part in an International camp of Guiding and Scouting.


In addition to my responsibilities as guardian, mentor, and liaison on this trip, I volunteered to become the lead designer of our trip crest. I conducted user and product research, produced low fidelity prototypes, created and iterated on my design, and collaborated with a Canadian embroidery company to produce a high quality product.





Awards & Recognition

20 Year Membership Pin

20 Year Membership, Chief Commissioner's Award, Ranger Service Project, Cookie Campaign Challenge, Canada Cord




Girl Guides of Canada

September 2017 - Present

As a Girl Guide leader (Guider), I am a mentor and supporter of young teenage girls in a Pathfinder unit. My role is dynamic and I take on different tasks from week to week - facilitator, liaison, treasurer, first aider, and cook to name a few. I take part in our weekly meetings, organize weekend camps, and communicate with other Guiders and parents. As a Guider, I am adaptable, approachable, and always prepared.

Social Media Coordinator

Creekside Church - Young Adults

January 2018 - Present


In my role as Social Media Coordinator for Creekside Church Young Adults, I was responsible for the management of the group's social media accounts. I captured and edited photos and videos, designed graphics, scheduled postsand worked closely with a team of coordinators to plan monthly events.



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