845 St. Clair

As the website designer for this project, I was responsible for creating a digital space in which the tenants and landlord of 845 St. Clair  could communicate and share information seamlessly. I collaborated with the landlord and project manager to present content in a clean space and create a positive experience for the users.

My Role

Website Designer

Wireframing, visual design, text editing, user experience (UX) design


845 St. Clair, Landlord and Project Manager


3 months (June - August 2019)

Tools & Programs

  • Wix Website Builder

  • Pencil & paper wireframing 


Project Brief


Create a digital platform for the tenants and landlord of 845 St. Clair to share news, review rental documents, and submit requests, in addition to advertising free spaces to inquiring renters.


A responsive website that allows the tenants and landlord the ability to communicate and share documents in one, cohesive space. It also has the capability to advertise available spaces and facilitate communications regarding inquiries.


My process began in a meeting with the project manager, where we discussed the scope of the project, as well as the criteria and milestones. From that point I developed wireframes, with pages such as Home, Space, Tenant Portal, and a login.

Web Design


After creating wireframes and consulting with the project manager, I began the site development on Wix. I converted the low-fi designs and content into an active webpage, which included sourcing royalty free images, editing copy and blog posts for the site, and building a user-friendly layout.

Mobile Design


The mobile design was an imperative component to the site and, therefore, was my next focus upon completing the desktop phase of the design.