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Chinese Marketing Pages

In my role as Digital Content Coordinator at Sun Life Financial, I completed a variety of projects, including the creation of the Chinese marketing pages for financial advisors. I collaborated with the Chinese marketing team, publishers, and content managers to develop web pages to host Chinese marketing materials, giving advisors the ability to serve more clients and expand Sun Life's customer reach in the life insurance and financial planning industry.

My Role

Digital Content Coordinator

Wireframing, collaboration


Chinese Marketing Team, Sun Life Financial


1 month (August 2016)

Tools & Programs

  • Balsamiq, 


Project Brief

Sun Life Financial.png


There is a need for advisors to have easy access to common and frequently downloaded marketing materials for Chinese clients.


Create new pages on the internal and external advisor pages that exclusively host Chinese marketing materials, giving all advisors easy access to frequently used documents, videos, etc.

Internal Advisor Pages

Chinese Marketing - ABC2.jpg
Chinese Marketing - ABC.jpg

The internal advisor website already included pages that hosted marketing materials, both in English and French. This gave me a strong base to create the wireframes for new, Chinese marketing materials. My wireframes gave the publishers a visual design upon which they could develop the pages, using components from the existing pages to efficiently create the new pages.

External Advisor Pages

Chinese Marketing - 3P1.jpg
Chinese Marketing - 3P3.jpg
Chinese Marketing - 3P2.jpg

Designing the pages for the external advisor website required a slightly different approach. This website had a more contemporary layout, making it easy to determine the placement for the new Chinese marketing materials. It also allowed for us to include a quick access link in the top menu, making the materials more readily available.

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