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Emerge is a calming, generative art installation that reimagines the hospital waiting room experience. This capstone project was completed during my final term of studies at the University of Waterloo in collaboration with three of my peers: Anjelica Maglinao (Visual Designer), Austin Fisher (Product Designer) and Mara Finkelstein (Creative Director).

My Role

Design Coordinator

Project research, documentation, user testing, project assets, logo design


Stratford General Hospital


1 month (March 2017)

Project Pitch video

Tools & Programs

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Canon EOS T5i DSLR camera

Project Brief



Emergency waiting rooms are stressful environments where patients and visitors endure long waits full of anticipation, stress, and anxiety.


A calming, generative art installation that reimagines the hospital waiting room experience.

Research & Documentation

To gain a better understanding of the problem, project constraints, and the users, I conducted field research at the Stratford General Hospital. This consisted of taking notes on the users and environment, as well as capturing photos of the waiting spaces.

I gathered additional information through secondary research, which included analyzing statistics and studies about emergency department visits across the nation.


Throughout the project timeline, I managed the team's documentation. I utilized Google drive to organize and share photos, documents, assets, and additional project files. I constructed and arranged the hi-fi prototype presentation and wrote several components of the final business plan, including the Executive Summary, Product Outline, and Marketing section. 


Furthermore, as the designated photographer I captured photos and videos during team meetings and user testing sessions.

User Testing


With my strengths in UX Design, I lead our user testing sessions which included the creation of scripts, determining the appropriate methods, and defining testing protocols.

We conducted two rounds of user testing, one each for the low and medium fidelity prototypes. Following an iterative design process, we used what we learned from the sessions to improve the product as well as our user testing methods.


I designed the project logo for Emerge and created prototype assets. Specifically, I developed icons for our chair prototype and a flower for the digital display in our medium fidelity prototype.

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