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Marsna Jamborette Crest

I traveled with a group of Girl Guides to the Netherlands in the summer of 2019, where we participated in an international jamboree. In addition to my role as Responsible Guider, I was also the lead designer of our trip crest. The crest was a token to be traded with fellow camp participants, given in thanks to people we met along our adventure, and also acted as the logo for our trip t-shirts.

My Role

Graphic Designer

User and product research, low and high fidelity prototypes, graphic design


Girl Guides of Canada, Marsna Jamborette Trip


3 months (May - July 2019)

Tools & Programs

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • SurveyMonkey

  • Pencil & paper sketches



Project Brief



The group wanted a crest to use a tradable token and memento of the trip. It needed to represent the diverse group of Canadian girls and guiders, as well as reflect the trip itself.


A simple, clean design that easily translated into an embroidered crest and screen-printed logo on t-shirts.

User & Product Research

In order to better understand the project parameters, I conducted user and product research. This consisted of examining previous trip crests for design inspiration and surveying the group for preferences in crest design .

My initial research began with reaching out to other Guiders for examples of crest from previous trips to analyze crest colours, shapes, text, and sizing. In addition to the graphic properties, I also inquired about embroidery companies and costs.

Upon completion of the initial digital design, I consulted with a number of companies to get quotes and determine details such as order deadline, fulfillment, and design alterations.


I began the design with sketches, incorporating images that were often associated both countries (beaver for Canada, windmill and tulips for the Netherlands).


From the sketches, I developed high fidelity prototypes in Illustrator. I then consulted the group on these designs and asked members to choose their preferred crest.

From that point, I shared the design with the companies I was consulting with to get an idea of cost. timeline, and whether the design required alterations. Concurrently, I submitted the designs to the branding team at Girl Guides of Canada for approval.

I iterated on the design, updating colours to match GGC branding and altered the text fields so that they were compatible with the systems and machinery at the embroidery company.

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