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Stretch Into Winter

Stretch Into Winter is a blog post featured on the Stepping Stone Orthotics blog, which is home to Canadian Certified Pedorthist C. Ped (C), Shannon Bunnett.​ The post showcases tips and tricks for maintaining your foot health throughout the winter months. As the blog editor, my responsibilities including capturing and editing footage of various exercises, editing copy, blog publishing, and email marketing.

This post, among many others, are projects that I managed as the blog and content editor for the Stepping Stone blog.

My Role

Blog & Content Editor

Photography, videography, copy editing, blog publishing, email marketing


Shannon Bunnett, Canadian Certified Pedorthist


1 month (January 2019)

Tools & Programs

  • Webflow

  • Constant Contact

  • iMovie

  • Canon Rebel T5i


Project Outline

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 2.27.57 PM.png

Stretch Into Winter includes many photos and videos depicting a variety of stretches that Shannon recommends her clients to execute during the winter months to maintain their foot health.

This project began with capturing video and photo content for the blog post, as well as collaborating with Shannon to plan the post content. I was responsible for editing the visual and written content as well, which I built and designed into the post using Webflow. Additionally, I created a similar layout in Constant Contact which I then sent to Shannon's clients directly.

Blog Post

Stretch Into Winter Pt. 1
Stretch Into Winter Pt. 1

In the blog post, I accompanied each stretch with descriptive explanations on how readers should execute the stretches at home, work, the gym, or wherever they may find themselves. I wrote the descriptions using both the footage that I captured, and the information that I gleaned from Shannon's demonstrations. I paid careful attention to the language I used, ensuring that the descriptions were clear and easy to emulate.

Read the full blog post here.


I photographed the stretches in a variety of environments, from different perspectives to give readers a better idea of to recreate the stretches themselves. I edited the photos using Mac Photos, as the photos themselves did not require a high degree of editing since I was cautious of the lighting and framing during shooting.


I made the decision to film the stretches that would not translate easily into photographs. This included Ankle Rotations, Tennis Ball Stretch, Water Bottle Stretch, and Calf Stretch. These each had subtle and specific movements which readers would not be able to pick up on through photographs. The videos are simple and short, as the exercises themselves are.

I edited the videos in iMovie, clipping the ends to remove excess footage and removed audio as it was not required.

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